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Pressure Washing

If the exterior of your home is looking a little dingy, it may be time to call in the big guns. Pressure washing can clean up your driveway, walkways, and even your fencing. It can be tricky to master a pressure washer, so if you're a novice, consider leaving this job to the professionals.

Before Prime Washing Solutions starts to pressure wash a home or property in Bentonville, AR, we are careful of the plant life in the area. We prewet plants so that they absorb water and not the chemicals we clean with. If the plants are very close, we can also cover them up. After pressure washing is finished, we will spray off the plants so there are no chemicals left behind.

When you have mold growing on your home in it can cause people with allergies to have heightened allergies. It comes recommended if you have allergies to have your home’s exterior cleaned annually with Prime Washing Solutions pressure washing services in Bentonville, AR. Our professional pressure washers actually allow you to customize your own yearly cleaning schedule. You can set dates for them to clean decks, patios, and more.

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A reliable, top of the line pressure washer can easily cost thousands of dollars to buy outright. Even after shelling out that kind of cash, you may only use it once or twice a year to clean up your house. If it breaks, you're responsible for repairing or replacing it. To go the DIY route, you'll also need to learn all the ins and outs of your particular model. You'll need to research what each setting does before you use it. You will also need to test it on different areas of your home to make sure you won't damage your exterior. Then you'll have to learn the best technique to get the finish you want and be prepared to pay for any mistakes you make. You'll also have to purchase the right cleaning chemicals for your job. Prime Washing Solutions pressure washers in Bentonville, AR can handle all of these details and leave your home looking great in no time.

The best pressure washing jobs do more than simply spray dirty spots with water. They use special soaps, cleaners, and chemicals to thoroughly clean each surface and disinfect it, if necessary. Removing exterior mold, for instance, might require a bleach heavy solution. For other surfaces, you might need a less abrasive cleaning solution or you'll risk damaging paint or another finish. To understand the best solution for your job, you'll have to do a lot of research and specialized shopping. And really, who wants to spend their time juggling those different chemicals? Prime Washing Solutions pressure washing services in Bentonville, AR can quickly evaluate which compounds will work best for your home's issues.

A pressure washer can do a lot of damage to glass window panes or delicate exterior sconces. Not only that, if you use the wrong technique, you could strip off your exterior paint or do irreversible damage to your exterior, especially on an older home. If you use Prime Washing Solutions pressure washing services in Bentonville, AR, you can trust them to advise you on which services are safe to use. They'll also use a gentle touch while they clean to avoid breaking or marring any of your prized possessions.

Any time you break out a ladder during home improvement, you put yourself at risk for a fall. If you are trying to juggle a powerful pressure washer while reaching for high places on your home, you increase that danger exponentially. Prime Washing Solutions pressure washing services in Bentonville, AR has years of experience keeping their footing, even on high or slippery locations. We will utilize the safest equipment to make sure everyone stays safe while doing their work.

Pressure washing isn't just for fences, sidewalks, and other easy-to-reach places around your home. A professional wash can also spruce up your mailboxes, outdoor furniture, and kid's playsets in no time. Prime Washing Solutions pressure washing services in Bentonville, AR can even clean your gutter exteriors using a pressure washer. Our pressure washers can recommend pressure washing services as a creative solution for lots of different home improvement projects.

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